Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Re-Up

"The Re-Up"

By: Tsi LaBrev

"Ayo /
I'm god speakin /
And Christ breathin /
Precise beats and /
A mic steamin /
I'm hell freezin /
Name bells ringin /
Stay well eatin /
Who want beef then? /
Its Tsi season /
For no reason /
I might breeze in and blast /
You not leavin /
Body baggin em up /
I'm prolly packin a pump /
Hobbies laughin at chumps /
And burnin bags full a bucks /
Wit hammers packed in the trunk /
The blammer aimed in ya mug /
I'll wave a blade for some fun /
And spray the place fulla slugs /
Pull the plug /
You not good enuff /
Hood enuff /
Look me up /
I'm cookin the same /
And stay hoodied up /
Truly nuts /
Who can do me what? /
Uzi up /
You and what army? /
You craze? /
I stay pullin stunts /
I'm eveready wit a deadly plan /
Heavy ass weapons and I don't give a damn /
Aint missin nuthin fam /
You wasn't gully /
And you runnin like the numbers man /
Son of sam /
Dunny I'm worse /
And work for nuthin cash /

Verse 2

Verse 2 if it hurts you its worth /
New album comin /
Stuntin I'm back /
This track works you /
I might urk you /
I might murk you /
Oops did I do that? /
Like Steve Urkel /
I bleed purple /
And keep the earth kool /
Pack it up /
I'm wrappin kids up /
Its controversial /
Fuck rehersal /
I wrote these words 2 seconds after Maestro hit play /
I'm like the birds do (fly) /
She want that Nerd tune (She Wants to Move) /
I got that girl food /
Diamonds pearls and sexy as fuck /
Tsi on that whirlpool /
Steady spinnin /
Spittin wisdom /
Aint no contradiction /
Pon di riddim /
Never a chance /
And aint no competition /
Aint no psalms been written /
Tsience I be kickin /
Thas what you been missin /
He packin axes wit him /
Action after chillin? /
Son you mus be sniffin /
Snuff you quick /
And takin a pic /
Upload on facebook witit /
I'm like a Gracie grippin /
The space ya face was livin /
KiLLaTsi I'm all the above /
Up on ya television /"