Wednesday, May 19, 2010

KiLLin 'em Tsi

"KiLLin 'em Tsi"
by: Tsi LaBrev

"This shit sound like the pump is open...

Summertime in the hood...

Look me up my niggaz I can tell you where the hood be...where the hood be @ /
Could react strapped type rugged and raw /
If you step up lookin like you ready for war yo /
BX KiLLin em I'm ready for war Joe /
We next billin like my enemies poor tho /
Relapse spittin like I travel thru portals /
Relapse spinnin like I'm Eminem's 4th go/
Please pack dollaz if you talkin that more doe /
More blows catch me on that rappin @ all shows /
Although rappers lack the stamina I go /
I go hard like I'm watchin a porno /
Ease back homii and no need for no homo /
Heard yall tryin and I'm sayin its so so /
So-sa Sammy roided flo when its my go /
Might go stupid like the Bay and sum E-fo /

I sed we came in this bitch tonight to heist the scene
And we gon leave this shit tonight wit all ya cream
Been backwards flo supreme you kno the scheme
Yea you kno the name a tha thing its happening whattup

Slo down Tsi ya killin em 3xs
Slo down...

Always on that dope shit /
Spittin like a hammer /
Cookin wit my college bitches down in Alabama /
Yo whattup to Jonesie /
Likashot for Niche /
Niggaz neva fronted but you bout to wanna kno me /
Girlies wanna meet me /
But I got my wife b /
She don't give a fuck and shoot the hammers jus like me /
Better off jus buy-ing what I got to sell you /
Better be the first so there aint nuthin they could tell you /
Tsi'll neva fail you /
Cause I keep it breezy /
Pop a couple bottles like we doin for TV /
Doin it for cds /
Downloadin the MPs /
Niggaz on the run forgot they tank was on empty /
Call me Hughy Hefty /
Cause I rep the PJs /
Go request this shit from all the muthafuckin DJs ...../
Keep it on replay /
Fuk whatever he say /
Type it in ya google search and cop it on ebay.....


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