Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tsi For President

"Tsi For President"

By: Tsi LaBrev

"Tsi spits Tsientific and I clap Republicans /
Democrats gettin involved get the government /
Mr. -'s bars gettin ugly kid /
Fuck ya gullyness /
I'm sonnin whoever that wanna riff /
Want the clips homii? /
I been loaded /
Been blowin bars, rappers careers and this notice is /
Just a warning I'm comin all on your premises /
Genesis yall witnessed it /
And now its Exodus /
Pessimist like an A&R /
Play along /
Sayin Tsi's flow is too dark /
And too intelligent /
But who could represent Thought /
Like Philly residence /
Incidents how you get shot /
I spew pestilence /
Check ingredients /
Funny rappers comedians /
Needy and just wanna get paid /
Suckin helium /
You better flee again /
Drivin up on the median /
Rappers steppin to me like, "yo, battle me and them." /
So who can fuck wit my flow? /
That's a no no /
That's an overdose /
Audio choke /
Minus antidote /
Minus handsome /
Hold your children for ransom /
This the building block /
I'm illin droppin nuthin but anthems /
Fuck whippin Phantoms /
We crashin spaceships on your planet /
Face it bananas /
Taster's choice /
We hoistin them banners /
That's the champion /
Catch me on tracks /
And yall can sing along /
Sing a song /
Took what you got /
I'm spittin Vietnam /
Yall niggaz dummy dons /
Frontin like you underboss /
Took a loss /
Comin up short /
Yall brought the ruckus wrong /
So muthafuck a song."

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