Tuesday, July 20, 2010


By: Tsi LaBrev

I been a muthafuckin goon every muthafuckin day a my life /
Behavior precise /
You frontin and I'm takin ya life /
Wavin a knife /
Crazy and I'm payin the price /
Playin wit fire /
I'm satan swayin sayin these lines /
Savin these lives /
Takin souls and spirits alike /
Hittin you like /
A shotty blastin grippin the mic /
Kickin it like /
I'm crazylegs jus spinnin on ice /
Henny on ice /
Got remedies for enemy dies /
Enemy kills /
Like repetition killin ya mind /
And you can die /
We wastin time jus pressin rewind /
Pressin rewind /
We wastin god by precious design /
Pestilence signs /
...Oil leaks and criminal ties /
Minimalize...the people for the profits and why /
What's the difference if we dyin every second that winds /
Checkin the time /
I'm guessin we the last of our kind /
Blastin my rhymes /
The cure for all you ailments and crimes /
Bail wit my lines /
I'm payin back the criminal mind /
All the kids that lost a father to the streets and its eyes /
Watchin you like /
The gods that built the pyramids twice /
Marginalize my martian wit and alien style /
Alias while I'm at ya head like Darius Miles /
Common Sense up on a track I'm rappin hazardous smiles /
Have a drink we sparkin up a pack of black and the milds /
Action is wild /
Rapid rappin passin ya prime /
Packin a nine /
Passafist thru half a ya spine /
Give a fuck about the club and why you sing in ya rhymes /
These those hardcore murder death assassinate lines /
Pull the pin out been out spin out on the passenger side /
Passionate mine /
I'm bleedin thru the pen as I write /
Nuthin alike /
You frontin if you say you no like /
Front if you like /
There's plenty out there /
Many that might /
Only one Tsi /
One time /
Sayin this pai /
Ravenous I'll aim the fif and spray /
I crave what I sight /
Take what I like /
Ya paper or your face if you fight /
Prayer at night /
Beneath you where your dreams lack the light /
That's the level I exist at spit that live your one life /
61 bars /
Hit you wit like 61 bars /
Like a block in every hood /
A church and 61 bars /
Catch me on Mars /
Blackin on the spaceship from oz /
Ace up my sleeve /
Wit sumthin sharp and heavy to cleav /
Send me some beef /
I'm cookin wit that seasonin steez /
Grillin up no givin up until no breath could be breeethed /
Recipe T /
Hexin emcees-Pledge your aleedge /
Spendin a g /
Gettin wit me /
I'm givin death on ya feet /

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